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How to Survive Your Startup’s First Year

Useful tips to help your startup survive its first year and attain success moving forward. Illustrated in a piece on Forbes magazine’s website back in ...
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Important Information to Understand Before Investing in a Startup

Four useful thoughts to better develop your investment strategy before investing in a startup In recent years, investing in startups has been one of the ...
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How to Promote Creativity and Innovation in Your Startup

How to Promote Creativity and Innovation in Your Startup: Part 1 Three useful ways to stimulate creativity in your workplace and empower innovative solutions to ...
marketing automation
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Why startups should use marketing automation

What exactly is marketing automation? Marketing automation is the automation of your emails, social activity, landing pages and customer relationship management (CRM). Marketing automation leverages ...
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The Five Success Factors of a Digital Health Product from ...

Rosaline Koo took a leap of faith in 2013 and invested USD$4 million of personal funds to build a health insurance startup, ConneXionsAsia (CXA). The ...
healthcare startup
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Some Guidance on Running a Healthcare Startup from this CEO

After spending 7 years in Temasek Holdings as an investor, Cole Sirucek took a career change that landed him the title of CEO in a ...
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Four books every entrepreneur should read

Entrepreneurship is an industry of do-ers. You need the “can do” attitude to make your startup a successful one.  Also it helps to learn from ...
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Apple Seed signs an MoU with Pupasec Services Pvt Ltd

Apple Seed, a leading venture accelerator based in Singapore, today announced that it has successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pupasec Services Private ...
Ayer Rajah
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Singapore’s search for Ali Baba comes with forty thieves

Soaring rental and labour costs have pushed manufacturing companies out of Singapore and in its place the government of Singapore is nurturing high-technology startups to ...
Guy Kawasaki
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Singaporean startups need to create customers and not jobs: Guy ...

Five years ago, Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley tech evangelist famously said, “Singapore has five million people, six entrepreneurs and one opinion.” As opposed to ...

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